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Over 25 Years of Expertise in Industry

We are small group of plumbers and construction workers. We can help you with plumbing problems and any other service related to plumbing.

Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Heating and cooling, waste removal, and potable water delivery are among the most common uses for plumbing however plumbing’s not limited to these applications. Plumbing utilizes pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. Trades that work with plumbing such as boilermakers, plumbers, and pipefitters are referred to the plumbing trade.

Services that we offers

  • Refrigeration Appliances
  • Ice Machine Repair
  • Washer & Dryer Repair
  • Dishwasher Repair
Aside from poor performance and high energy costs, many potential water heater dangers can result from improper water heater installation. That’s why choosing the right contractor can make all the difference. If your water heater is broken or in need of maintenance, our licensed expert technicians can often schedule an appointment and have the problem fixed the very same day.
Refrigeration appliances for the home require a great deal of care to operate at their best. Whether you just purchased a brand new VikingSub-Zer0GEWhirlpool or Kitchen-aide unit, are looking to upgrade to a newer refrigerator or simply need more cool storage space, do not hesitate to allow one of our friendly technicians to assist you. Newer Sub-Zero and Viking Refrigerators require specialized techniques to install and older ones special tools to fix. GE, Whirlpool and Kitchenaide are more common which means having us repair them may be more affordable. We have all the necessary training and tools to get the job done right quickly and affordably!We are your area’s premiere provider of home refrigeration services and appliances. We carry a large line of walk in refrigerator, wine cooler and freezer units as well as a wide array of refrigerated display cases in many sizes and styles. We offer prompt delivery and full installation on all of our products.

As your heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. We provide the highest level of quality in all repairs, and all jobs are performed by highly-experienced contractors you can trust.

Our services include:

  • Repair of All Major Brands
  • Design Support Based on Your Individual Needs
  • Custom Ductwork
  • Post-Repair Inspections

We also offer Energy Star® rated heating systems, so you can save up to 30% on heating costs this winter while staying warm. Call today for an immediate consultation from one of our many licensed Heating System Repairmen. We will patiently answer any and all of your questions and discuss every stage of the process to help you determine your system’s needs.

Specializing in residential Los Angeles air conditioner repair, we are committed to keeping our clients cool and comfortable during those hot Los Angeles and Souther California days.

Air conditioner repair is one of the best, most cost-effective ways to stay cool in the summer and keep your system running at full capacity. No job is too big or small, and we deliver 100% customer satisfaction on every project. So whether you need air conditioning repair work for a single unit or an entire apartment building, our highly trained and experienced contractors will provide the speedy, high-quality service you can depend on with us.

Being in the industry in the Los Angeles area for many years, I happened to deal with many ice maker or refrigerator ice maker owners, all of whom have agreed on one thing: if an Ice maker ceases to operate properly then it is incredibly important to repair the appliance and repair it quickly and effectively.

At Coast Appliance Repair, we can help repair or maintain all your Ice Maker needs, regardless if you have a built-in or Refrigerator Ice Makers. Having proudly serviced and repaired many different Makes and Models, we are confident there is not job too large or too small to do right! We are also familiar with higher end models and our certified technicians are trained in the most up to date industry techniques, using only the highest quality manufacture recommended parts.

Do you need help getting your Ice maker repaired and back up in a timely manner? If you answered yes to the above questions then yes we can help diagnose the issue(s) and provide you with professional support in order to get you back up in a timely and affordable manner.

To ensure your washer and dryer remain in proper working condition, It is highly recommended that you perform regular professional maintenance of yourWasher and Dryer appliances! There are many definitions of regular maintenance. Some consider regular maintenance cleaning your washer/dryer appliances on a weekly basis, others consider regular maintenance following the stated guidelines in your manual. Well all of the above are right! But there are many issues that may arise even if all the the aforementioned steps are taken. For that you need to call Coast Appliance Repair at least once every six months. We have a quick response time and our prices are affordable. During our regular maintenance we will perform a complete diagnostic, accounting for all major and minor issues that may be waiting in the wings. We stand behind our work, and guarantee you receive nothing but the best available customer support and knowledge.

Whether you have a WhirlpoolBoschMaytagAmanaLGGE or Miele Washer and Dryer, our professional local technicians can help you get the most affordable quality Washer or Dryer repair service in Los Angeles.We even offer same day home service.

Our certified technicians are highly skilled, professional and responsive. They will help get you up to speed in a timely manner. Newer units such as BoschAmanaGE, and Miele may required specially trained certified technicians and tools unique to those units. And while Maytag and LG Washer and Dryer Units may be more common, they too may require specialize knowledge for the repairs to be performed properly.

We are located in the greater Los Angeles area, open 7 days a week and our response time is 24 hours in most cases for no extra charge. Whether it’s a dryer or washer repair or maintenance, we will provide you with the highest level of professional technical service in Los Angeles.

Your Dishwasher can provide great deal of comfort to your family’s busy life. A well maintained dishwasher that is in good condition cleans quickly and effectively. None of us can afford to lose our dishwashers, especially with working parents and multiple children in the household! But is it worth buying a new one every time your dishwasher stops working? The answer is NO! BoschVikingAsko and Amana Dishwashers are incredible expensive! And even if you could afford to buy a new one or the one you have falls in the GE or Kitchen-aide category, why spend a lot more money when you can simply repair your dishwasher quickly and cost effectively by spending 2 minutes on the phone with us.

If you’re looking to repair your BoschAskoKitchen AideGEViking, or Amana dishwasher or even to service it so as to prevent costly repairs in the future, we will get the job done! Regardless of the dishwasher make or model, our Repair and Maintenance Service technicians are standing by to get you up and running in a timely manner.

We use only manufacturer recommended parts, our technicians are trained in the most up to date dishwasher technologies in Los Angeles for any technical issue. Upon starting the repair, our comprehensive analysis and diagnostics tolls are provided to better serve you and get your dishwasher back up in a timely manner. So what are you waiting for? We are a phone call away, call us now!

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24/7 availality

Whеthеr in thе home оr іn the wоrkрlасе at Cоnѕtruсt Press, wе аrе соmmіttеd tо customer satisfaction wіth quality аrtіѕtrу.

Dedicated Team

Our team is dedicated and have years of experience. Our prices are also clear and upfront.

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We will hеlр fіx a glitch before it bесоmеѕ a disaster. We саn hеlр уоu mаkе thе nесеѕѕаrу rераіr аll wіthіn your budgеt.

Certified Mechanics

You can count on us, we hаvе bееn helping families for over a decade with plumbing and related services.

What our clients say

Merry Smith

I have been using Plumberx services for long time, could not be happier. Always on time and cost effective services.

John Smith

I called them for a problem and to my surprise they showed up within 2 hours and fixed in no time.

Nina J.

I have been using Plumberx services for long time, could not be happier. Always on time and cost effective services.

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